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kILLERsynths (Angstkillermini,Joykiller,Karmakiller,Lovekiller,Novakiller) 

ANGSTkILLERmini: is built around a simple FM oscillator with a hidden "modulator", which uses a Sine wave to modulate the phase of the main oscillator, or "carrier". It is very simple to use, yet capable of a surprising range of usable timbres. This is one of the best little killerz of all time!

JOYkILLER: It features an extensive 4x4 Modulation Matrix coupled to a new Multi- Oscillator and combined Low-Pass / Band-Pass Filter. It is 8-note polyphonic with Unison Mode and the Rhythmic Gate effect. kARMAkILLER: This is a monster with a comprehensive 6x4 Modulation Matrix. It features two oscillators with Dual mode and two multi-mode filters that can be configured to run in series or parallel. It is 8-note polyphonic and, of course, includes the Rhythmic Gate effect. LOVEkILLER: This a hybrid synth combining the great sound of Phase Distortion with a multi-mode filter, complemented by a 4x5 Mod Matrix. Control over both phase mod and filter cutoff gives this instrument awesome power. It is 8-note polyphonic with Unison and the Rhythmic Gate effect. NOVAkILLER: is something of a one-off instrument to celebrate NOVAkILL’s new ORION skin, NOVA-III. Like ANGSTkILLERmini, it has a hidden oscillator which is used to modulate the main oscillator to produce both FM and Hard Sync sounds. It is 16 note polyphonic and also features a Low-Pass Filter, tempo-sync’ed LFO, two ADSR Envelopes and overdrive.

DOWNLOAD!  6.31 mb


reFX Claw v.1.0  


reFX Claw - energy, strength and power. Claw is a weapon. You cannot restrain Claw. But that should not prevent you from working with Claw!
reFX presents Claw, a free, monophon VST synthesizer with breath-taking possibilities. The sound production is identical with reFXs' BEAST with the difference that Claw has only one oscillator (BEAST has four). Pulsating basses or cutting Leads - Claw is flexible and offers a pressureful, penetratable sound, which satisfies your needs. Claw - accept the challenge and let nothing frighten you anymore!

DOWNLOAD!  284 kb



Mopar v.1.0  


Mopar combines a phase distorsion oscillator whith a soundfont oscillator to produce cool pads or more...Osc1 has 8 waveforms (saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse, reso 1, reso 2 and reso3). These are the waveforms you obtain when the modulation level is at its maximum. At its minimum, the oscillator produce a sine wave. The modulation level can be modulated by a filter and by the LFO. Osc2 has 6 waveforms (choir, brass, accordion, organ, dream and strings). Mopar has a polyphony of 4 or 8 voices, receive midi data on channels 1 to 16, , has pitchbend and velocity sensitivity, Mopar responds also to those midi CC :  CC01 : raise the Modulation level. Mopar comes with 16 cool internal presets. These presets are also available as a standard VST bank file : "Mopar bank 0.fxb" (in the zip file with the dll).

DOWNLOAD!  2.96 mb





Acquit Music HITxxv1 (FM Synthesis).

DOWNLOAD!  8.44 mb



Abakos v.2.1  


High Quality Virtual Analog synthesizer, features :2 VCO with 3 waveforms, LFO with multiple waveforms, 2 ADSR for sound design, Envelope Follow , Onboard Delay, Tremolo, Vibrato and Wah Wah, Noise Generator, Ring Mod, Digital / Analogue Filter Modes , Internal preset management system, 4 Banks of Preset slots for a total of 512 , Gorgeous Graphics by ArtVera ! Installation:
- To install, simply place the HERCs Abakos directory in your VST instruments folder.
- The Abakos.dll file and all bank subdirectories and other files must be kept in the same directory.
- To uninstall, simply delete the folder containing Abakos.

DOWNLOAD!  1.14 mb






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