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Richman-2  v.20 


Using a Hybrid of Physical Modelling and FM synthesis, Richman2 is designed to be an expressive plug-in, which in the right hands can make real sounding and organic sounds. Specialising in plucked or struck tones Richman2 can also turn its hand to a great many other types of sounds. Richman2 comes complete with a patch bank containing 100 preset sounds.

DOWNLOAD!  1.57 mb



Light Industry  


Light Industry uses 2 oscillators with 13 wave types, FM, PWM, ring mod and syncing, 20 stage envelopes and it works in poly/mono/legato and arp modes. It also includes an preset evolver which allows you breed presets.

DOWNLOAD!  1.41 mb






 - 16 step, dual channel step sequencer

- Dual MIDI output channels (A / B)

- 16 MIDI Channels

- 1-16 steps selectable

- Arpeggiator function

- Host sync and internal clock

- Different step rates for each channel (host clock only)

- Pitch and velocity controls

DOWNLOAD!  977 kb



mda Piano


The mda Piano VSTi is without doubt the best free Piano currently available. This softsynth is modelled around 31 carefully sampled and mastered Piano samples.
Its unique Width Control not only controls panning of notes across the keyboard but at high settings adds a psychoacoustic widening effect adding a touch of room ambience and spaciousness to the sound.

DOWNLOAD!  1.10 mb


mda Electric Piano


The mda ePiano VSTi is one of the best free electronic Piano instruments currently available. This softsynth is modelled around 31 carefully sampled and mastered Rhodes Piano samples.
We basically used the same engine of the mda-Piano but changed the samples and added an 'authentic tremolo' and 'overdrive' parameter to reproduce a classic Rhodes piano. 1-32 voice polyphony, unique width control, decay, release, stereo width, velocity sensitivity, muffle and hardness Amount adjustable, gentle muffling filter.

DOWNLOAD!  856 kb





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