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GTG DrumSampler II

GTG DrumSampler II. 10 sample slots.Visual feedback on note input. Integrated reverb unit. Indiviual volume,pan, pitch and reverb controls. Comes with one set of drum samples.

DOWNLOAD!  1.32 mb



arcDev Noise Ind. H4xx0r  


A twelve-part beatslicer mapped to each note of one midi octave. Features stretching of sample to fit host tempo, and independent, realtime control over slice points, looping, amp envelope, pitch & output buss.

DOWNLOAD!  1.19 mb

\\ aDNI \\ arcDev Noise Industries \\


Saltline-chrysalis v.1.0  


Saltline has released Ni - a free, single oscillator, 16-step sequencer synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

  • Ni's oscillator features 7 selectable waveforms, octave up and down switching,
    fine tune and phase modulation controls.

  • The sound is then passed through a LP, HP, BP or BR self oscillating filter.

  • The step sequencer features step start and end positions,
    a direction selector and step rate parameters.

  • The filter cutoff can also be controlled by an identical independent step sequencer.

  • The synth also has a multi routable, sync to host, LFO.

Ni includes an effects section

  • the included delay and reverb modules pass through their own filters.

  • The effect's filters can be controlled by a second LFO
    as can the delay rate and reverb size.

Ni is free and is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

DOWNLOAD!  1.48 mb



Texture v1.2


Gritty Smooth Nasty Weird
Texture offers an amazingly wide range of...well...textures. Smooth, odd digital ambiences, metallic rings, synthetic percussion, brutally distorted sounds, classic virtual analog sounds, and even some physical modeling type tones are all possible with this unique synth.
The heart of Texture is its special band pass filter that offers great variety and depth of tone. After that, you can continue to sculpt your sonic textures with three types of distortion, high rez low pass filtering, metallic effects, reverb, gate sequencing and dual delays.

DOWNLOAD!  1,40 mb

Developer: Ugo


String Theory v1.5


String Theory v1.5
Physical Modeling Plucked Hybrid
String Theory is a flexible, delay based, physical modeling synth which is capable of a very wide range of plucked strings, atmospheric pads and ambiences, and unique hybrid synth sounds.
Experimentation is encouraged as it will likely lead you to sounds you may not have expected this synth to make. String Theory also offers dual phrase arpeggiators. Each arp has its own speed, gate, and octave controls; which allows for far more complex patterns than the average arp and can also help better simulate guitar finger picking.

DOWNLOAD!  1,21 mb

Developer: Ugo





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