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Plugsound Free is our new demo plugin, using all the refinements of Plugsound V1.8. Included with the plug-in is a specially programmed selection of sounds from the 6 Plugsound volumes.
Decompressing the archive will supply you with a VST plug-in file (.dll) and a data file. Put both items in your VSTplugIns folder and relaunch your VST application.




GTG MX 2008v.1.0  


GTG MX 2008. 3xosc synth. 3 LFO`s. Stepped modulation. Pitch Envelope. Chorus and Delay. Fat filter with High Pass Control.Readme and MIDI info in the zip.

DOWNLOAD!  730 kb



Sinthecyza v.1.5  


Quad Envelope/LFO FM Synth. Single FM Modulator/Carrier Oscillator with Pulse Width and Sync Controls, 12db SV Filter with Key Follow and Adjustable LP/BP Output, 4 Patchable HAHDSR Envelope Generators with LFO Controlled Level and Triggering, 4 Patchable Host Synced/Manual LFOs with Phase, Level, Offset and MIDI Trigger Controls, Velocity Sensitivity, Keyboard Scaling and Portmento Controls, Mono/Retrigger Switches, Default Position Reset on all Rotary Controls, Partial Automation, User Assignable Automation Capability

DOWNLOAD!  1,65 mb

Developer: Sonic Assault


Thingumajig v.1.0   


Thingumajig is a virtual digialog noise generating thingumajig.
● Thingumajig can be set to sync with your VST Host or set to free run.
● Thingumajig contains five oscillating thingamabobs:  three rythmic thingamabobs, one clicky thingamabob, and one semi-melodic thingamabob.
● Three modifier doohickeys that control various whatchamacallits.
● Three ADSRs with emphasis that control various whatchamacallits of the oscillating thingamabobs.
● Three rows of blinkies with flow controls.
● Three doodads that reduce certain oscillating thingamabobs without affecting other vibrations passing through it.
● Three sync delay doodads.
● A randomly controllable S&H gilhickie.
● 4 Mini-Style buttons.
● Rows of sliding and rotating thingies.
● Pretty light-emitting diodes.

DOWNLOAD!  2.15 mb



Quantum 64 v.1.1 


Quantum 64 is a harsh and aliased digital synth with single DCO and multimode filter. It is inspired by Commodore 64's SID sound chip but it definitely is no emulation. The two special ingredients that make the soul of Quantum 64 are the arpeggiator and the degrader/quantiser unit.

DOWNLOAD!  735 kb





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