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LaserBlade S (now free)  


LaserBlade S (S for Silver) is a variant of LaserBlade (Blueish). Most prevailing are modulatable XTorsion, Filter FM (frequeny modulation, like in the Sequential synths) and the Metallize section. Thus in most cases you will have no difficulties in getting quite 'sharp' or digital sounds as well as a variaty of short percussive Seq-sounds. If you are looking for a synth being able to produce rather strange FX you'd check this one too.

DOWNLOAD!  2.53 mb



kabgnals v.1.0  


kabgnals - frequency modulation/phase distortion virtual studio instrument.

● 2 banks for oscillator selection
● modulation & amplitude envelope control
● adjustments and lfo controls for modulation, pulse width, pitch, and pan
● low pass filter for bank one, and high pass filter for bank two

DOWNLOAD!  907 kb



Sinthecyza! 4.2  


Sinthecyza! 4.2 - Tri-Envelope Sub-Osc PD Synth.


- Standard Tuning and Sub Phase Distortion Oscillators

- 24db LP Filter with Key Follow on Frequency and Resonance

- 1 Amplifier AHDSR and 2 Filter DAHDSR Envelope Generators with Inversion and Offset Options
- Velocity Sensitivity, Keyboard Scaling and Glide Controls

- Mono Switch

- Default Position Reset on all Rotary Controls
- Full Automation

- Last Updated 03/09/2006

DOWNLOAD!  1.30 mb

Developer: Sonic Assault


EVM Isotope v1.0  


Isotope is a Performance Synthesizer / Groove sequencer / Multi-FX.
* 4 Oscillator Unison mode.
* 2 Sub oscillators in split transposition mode.
* 4 Stage ADSR with Filter, contour and Osc pitch response.
* Built in Digital Delay line.
* Complex modulation with 2 LFOs and multiple destinations.
* 16 Patch memory programs.
* MIDI channel 1-16 or All.
* 8 Channel Groove Sequencer Filter,Waves and Oscillator Cross-Mod.
* Pitch bend and Modulation wheels.

DOWNLOAD!  1.02 mb






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