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Shuniji Pro  


Shuniji Pro (Caihˇng bao = rainbow treasure / free edition 2011) with some more tweaks: patch selector, patch renaming & managing (Load/Save), CG with free run / retrig mode, different CG design showing current position, CG with Soft-Stepped slider and more tempo options (1/1 to 1/64), wave selectors as popup, new knobs, modified output section with a little reverb added. Internal Sf2 with 2 banks (incl. original bank for basic patchcompability).

DOWNLOAD!  32.09 mb



String Thing 2  


String Thing 2 is a plucked string virtual instrument with advanced controls and filtering to create a more natural tone.

String Thing 2 features include:

  • Controls over plucking.
  • Variable bandwidth filter.
  • Improved impulse, string and body model.
  • Simplified and improved impulse control.
  • Vastly improved sound quality.
  • Modulation (MIDI CC).
  • Various controls for tonal quality.
  • Reasonable CPU load.

DOWNLOAD!  1.50 mb



ProtoPlasm Pro  


ProtoPlasm Pro with internal patch selector, patch renaming & managing (Load/Save), wave selectors as popup. Internal Sf2 with 2 banks (incl. original bank for patchcompability).

DOWNLOAD!  35.70 mb



acquitxx11 v1.0



  • 6 Operator FM synth.

  • 4 note polyphonic.

  • Internally there are 4 oscillators, 2 phasers and 2 flangers.

  • 16 lead and bass sounds.

DOWNLOAD!  1.27 mb



Creakbox Bassline Demon


Creakbox Bassline is a mono synth with a built in sequencer. It has a 5 octave range and sounds very much like a killer little box many try to duplicate.

DOWNLOAD!  697 kb





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