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Mono/polyphonic . 4 Oscillators, 64 built-in waveforms; Noise generator (white and pink);  2 Filters, Filter Stages is now a pin, and allows selection of from 1 to 8 stages
Gain Compensation option for LP, HP and BP filter types; Individual Frequency, Resonance, Level, Pan, Keytrack
controls for each filter; 10 ADSR envelopes; 3 LFOs; Sequence mod with 16 programmable steps; 4x16 step trancegate; 8x16 step ENV gate;
Effect block with chorus, delay, eq.

DOWNLOAD!  1.74 mb



Evol VSTi v.1.2  


EVOL by Michael Karstrup, made with synthedit, is not developed anymore but is still available for download. It works fine, with its 3 Osc, 5 Lfo, 3 envelopes and some added effects like 1 arpeggiator, 1 chorus/flanger, 1 reverb among other components, and it sounds sweet but fat and rather cold, a bit like Vangelis sounds... A good misappreciated polyphonic synth.

DOWNLOAD!  2.16 mb





Emulation (no samples here!) of those string synthesizers of the late 70's made famous by ARP and Solina. It features a full ADSR envelope generator, a small effect section with a phaser, a delay and of course the 'ensemble' effect.
"The characteristic -ensemble- sound of those machines of old was not realised by adding expensive oscillators, but by using a (at the time) brand new and relative low cost technology: the BBD chip (Bucket Brigade Device), which was basicly a analog delay line". Included are 40 patches by Tim Conrardy, UGO, Matthew DeMeritt and Dr Ambient.

DOWNLOAD!  827 kb



DSK DreamZ   


DSK DreamZ Features:

         3 oscillators (octave selector, microdetuner, filter…)

         3 LFO (assignable to Pan, pitch, Width, Filter, Pan Filter…

         3 Filters (assignable)

DOWNLOAD!  1.09 mb

Developer: DSK VSTi




It is the more vintage of the X.Kalensky' series. The oscillators band-width is slightly limited and the KXMOD system can modulate the filter.

DOWNLOAD!  1.34 mb






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