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Plate Reverb   


This Plate Reverb effect is directly based on the Plate Reverb described in Jon Datorro’s “Effect Design” paper (part 1). Again the GUI is based on a GUI mock-up by thcilnnahoj


DOWNLOAD!  545 kb



Pudding V.1.3  


pudding is a granular delay effect with detailed synchronization features and lots of randomization thrown in the mix. this can produce anything from a simple digital delay sound, to full on new synthesis from extremely small grains and sync rates. version 1.1 adds new presets, better cpu usage, more host compatibility, and overal performance gains.

DOWNLOAD!  1.02 kb

Developer: Tweakbench


Bass extender  


Experimental subbass extender plugin (based on a frequency divider and a low band compressor).

DOWNLOAD!  1.12 mb



P-Deelay v.1.0  


P-Deelay is a pattern based delay.


  • Six delay lines with multimode filter and panning per delay.

  • Synced to BPM host in a pattern fashion.

  • Buttons to deactivate the delay, mute the input or choose L or R as input.

  • Internal limiters on every delay to be able to create distorted feedbacks without blowing up your speakers.

  • PANIC button to lower all feedbacks at once.

  • Input button: Turns input On/Off.

  • Hints on all controls that makes the plug pretty self explanatory.

  • MIDI automation and MIDI learn.

DOWNLOAD!  1.09 mb

Developer: KlangLabs




A single-stream quasi-synchronous granulator which also features an analog filter to further manipulate the sound with a smooth lowpass, phatpass(with some big bottom end) and highpass formant hybrid settings. The sonix interface is very easy on the eyes and the gui gives sonix the look of hardware rather than software.All the main controls can be automated of course so you get 'full control'over your audio grains, and metering is courtesy of a standard rms sensing VU which monitors the mono input level only.

DOWNLOAD!  1.02 mb







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