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bwt   05/17/2010


very enjoyable works!  off the beaten path and yet...i find myself humming / tapping along.look forward to your creating more.

Polgár Ilona   04/13/2010


Hello Alexaner!. Wonderfull your music! Lona.


Mrs Moo   04/11/2010


Thank you very much for providing these, they are beautiful :)

Chris Lai   06/11/2009


Alexander Blu, your sounds are truly amazing. I'm captured by your music.


Sonet   01/04/2008


Thanks a lot for providing your albums. I like the music very much. Actually I am looking for your music on internet and at last found. I liked it very much.

  Diane   29/03/2008 are quite a talented man! Thanks for sharing!


  Marie   08/02/2008


Wonderful album, thank you for sharing it .
keep up the good work... :)



  Nagarajan Viswanathan   01/02/2008


while hearing your songs I was taken to the land of PEACE.The songs are very excellent.These sons definetly will help for my YOGA


  Mamta   26/01/2008


My search for Great Instrumental Music Starts and Ends with YOU!!!!.


  elvin miranda   05/01/2008


muy bueno,muy profecional,excelentes sonidos,tremenda composicion
me gustaria escuharla todo el dia, gracias por este regalo.



  MILAGROS   20/11/2007


Hola te felicito estan espectaculares tus album me encantaron quisiera que me dijeras como hago para bajarlos. Recibe mis mas sincera felicitaciones y mucho exito


  Leonardo   12/11/2007


Great tracks, huh?! So inspired... It reminded me of Moby (I guess), but with something else. Congratulations!!!



  dana rogers   02/09/2007


I think your music is wonderfull and it's on point. Hit me back and let's chat about doing some collabos togerther. From Boston, MA and I'm digging your vibe son!! Let me know how to check out those VST's too! One!!


  mo   29/08/2007


You know, you should put your albums out for sale on ITunes. they are realy good. Thank You for sharing your music.


  varun   17/08/2007


I love ur music. there is a good emotion in ur music.

  Maki   10/08/2007


Very good sound :D, Melodic and Well composed.
BTW In wich license you put the downloadable music?
Greetings from Skopje/Macedonia



  Prateek Seksaria   17/07/2007




  Geof Stephens   17/07/2007


Very nice! Refreshing. I love your melodies and compositions. Do you have any other albums besides the two listed here?


  Robin Macwan - Ahmedabad India   07/07/2007


Hi Alex,
Gr8 work i havent checked your entire albums but gonna check it soon, from May album "Concert" has been my favourites i heard it again and again..............thanks for making such a nice music......
ahmedabad, India



  megalopolitan   03/06/2007


Your work is brimming with melodious sounds and it's quite uplifting. Sometimes it's clear who influenced you but by and large you've created your own, fine style.
I'm thrilled! Thank you very much and keep up the splendid work :)



  LucaTS   02/05/2007


Your music give good emotions,is fantastic!All the best!!


  pgeorge   05/01/2007


Hey Alex,
Great music. I heard it for the first time couple of days back and I have become a big fan of your music. You should keep making new albums. All the best.


  arnisjunita   01/03/2007


im glad that i hit your link as i was browsing. frankly i think your music is great and fantastic! thanks for letting us download it. your music can heal my stress :D thank you! god bless n all the best!


  mohammed   22/12/2006


I would like thank you for sharing with us your wonderful music.
I like it very much. I wish you all the best



  Pburi   05/12/2006


Your music is fantastic. Thanks for making it avaliable. I have'nt heard a single piece that I did'nt enjoy. Its very exciting to find a talented person
whose music is timeless, fresh and as vibrant as yours is. Thanks again!

  Carlos Alicea   05/07/2006


San Juan, Puerto Rico



  kartik   10/02/2006


Mind blowing music mann........You ought to be a star ...........I am glad to have stumbled on to your site...............
There are no links to download the complete album of Moderator



  Andre`(Malta)   22/01/2006


I heard your music...I love instrumental music....and your music ..most of it, is just great. Keep it Up!
Please find time to visit my amateur webpage ie:



  Stephen Walder   16/01/2006


Just downloading the album now, gonna listen to it tonight when I goto sleep! I think its appropreate ;o)

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